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The Hand of Silence rides alongside the armies of the Great Crusade, but his path is set by Menoth’s will. On his steed Alban, he thunders over the battlefield, directing the spirits of the faithful to their place in the City of Man. As a widely recognized member of the Reclaimant Order, he stands ready to scorch unbelievers or strike them down with his weapon, Usher. The Hand of Silence cares little for the fate of these misguided souls.

The Hand of Silence is an excellent addition to any player’s Exemplar Interdiction army. This potent solo collects the souls of fallen allies, which he then uses to fuel nearby warjacks or to increase his own fighting prowess. Mainstay Exemplar units such as Knight Exemplar (PIP 32082) or Exemplar Errants (PIP 32037) synergize well with this soul-collecting character.