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Blood magic is the oldest of arcane practices in western Immoren, one the Tharn have mastered. While bloodweavers leap into the fray to wet their sacrificial blades, blood shamans are more reserved and focused, steeped in deeper sacrificial rites. They have long served the masters of the Circle Orboros, facilitating their magics through bloodletting, a talent also brought to the greatest warlocks among the Tharn. Linked by blood-sworn pacts, such shamans can borrow spells from those they serve.

The Tharn Blood Shaman is a powerful solo that provides magical support to the warlock it is attached to and a strong melee enhancement to any warrior in the army at the cost of sacrificing a fellow soldier. Warlocks with particularly powerful spell lists, such as Krueger the Stormlord (PIP72033) and Kromac the Ravenous (PIP72020), will find this solo especially useful.